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5 Effective Ways to Increase Instagram Story View

instagram story

Instagram stories need no introduction as it is the most used feature of Instagram. On Instagram, around 400 million stories are created every day out of 1 billion stories all over social media. But only posting a story is not enough to up your Instagram game. So what thing make it more successful, of course, the number of views. Today, I’ll tell you how you can increase your Instagram story views. All you need to follow the below strategies because when I implemented these tactics on my stories, my stories views increases 4 times more. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s discuss the tips the tricks that grow your view count insanely.

Related vs unrelated content:

Have you noticed that what type of content get more eyeballs on Instagram? I think this is not a tricky question, of course, Instagram trending topics are travel, beauty, food, fashion, and entertainment. Your newsfeed is full of such stuff, so stick to this type of content to get more eyes. The ratio of the related vs unrelated content should 80/20 because people also want to see these things. You can use unpolished images for your story because it lasts long for 24 hours. The quality of images and videos doesn’t matter for Instagram stories.

Ask an engaging question by running Polls:

People love to give their opinions and share their thoughts when they see some interesting question. Most of the non-followers also take part in such type of posts. So I think, asking questions through polls are not only give you more Instagram story views but also increase engagement. People get curious when question story pop up in their story box or hashtag pages. You can also ask about your newest Instagram post likes or product. This strategy can never go wrong as it has a lot of options that engage the people.

Spread Out Your stories:

As I mentioned above, only posting stories is not enough. You need to spread out your stories in order to get more views. For instance, if you are posting 5 stories in a day, try to share it with your followers through share button. You can even share your story after posting it. But keep in mind, if you are going to share more than one story in a day, post it at different times of the day. There are more chances that your followers will catch a glimpse of your story in their story box at the top of the screen.

Post Daily:

I’ll finish this post with a key tip that helps you to stay on your follower’s mind i.e. post daily because no one like to view the content of that account who post weekly. According to reports, most the people spend 40 minutes daily on Instagram. People love to keep updated throughout the day.


These simple yet effective ways can increase your Instagram story views in short order. All you need to use these tricks for your next content strategy. Implement these tips and let me know in the comment box how you got the results.

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