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Types of Paints For Interior and Exterior Surfaces

You may have seen homes donned by paints in your daily life. There is hardly a home in recent times which have not been colored by paints. Rarely do you find local and small companies manufacturing the paints? They are in fact, manufactured only by large companies. And the names of the paints are as per the brands. The paint names are not technical. You find various types of technical names in the market. In short, the common people get confused with the many types of paints such as oil paint, emulsion paint or rubber paint. There are also high-quality paints. In this article, let us discuss the types of paints for interior and exterior surfaces.

1. WhiteWash

white wash

You may have heard this name on numerous occasions when a new house gets built. You can buy a large amount of paint at a low cost. The main components are slaked lime, powdered chalk, and water. Whitewash as the name suggests is used for giving white color to the walls. It may be any type of walls such as concrete walls, or brick walls and even the wall surfaces. There are occasions where fevicol and other colors are added to make the walls colorful

2. Oil Paint

oil paint

Just have a look at the title. Oil Paint. What will happen if you spill oil on the walls? It will become a stain and the oil will slowly come down to the bottom. This paint is known to be a slow drying variety and contains particles of pigment. When you come to the types, it is considered as poppy oil, nut oil, tung oil, and linseed oil. And thinners, you can find in these oils are methyl ethyl ketone, naptha, and turpentine.

The nature of paint – hard and thick. Is there a time when you see walls of a home glossy and very smooth? It is  because of the oil paints. And the biggest advantage, they are resistant to stains. But the challenge is some toxic components in the oil paint can become harmful to human health. So, it has become the least preferred choice for painting purposes. In comparison to paints in the emulsion category, they are considered to be less flexible.

C. Emulsion Paint

Have you heard this name before? It is but a combination of two liquids that rarely combine well with each other. Let us give an example. Have you seen a mixture of oil in water? The oil will float on water. 

This paint is generally known as water-based paints. This type of paints is used for both exterior surfaces and the interior decor of the home. Unlike oil paints, the emulsion paint can dry quickly.

D. Cement Based Paint

Popularly known as water-based paints. The cement is the main constituent and this component is known for hardness and durability. Similar to emulsion paints, this type can also be applied to interior and exterior walls. If you are staying in a rainy place, it can be used for reducing the dirt and preventing water from getting inside the walls.

E. Enamel Paint

This paint gives a glossy finish to the walls. The main components are resinous matter, zinc white, white lead, and petroleum spirit. They give a strong finish to the walls. But please note, the paints can either dry fast or slow based on the thinners you use.

F. Distemper Paint

Comes among the category of water-based paints. It consists of lime, chalk, water and many pigments. You can get this type in paste and powder forms. Compared to its counterparts, it is much cheaper. Have you read about whitewash? This is the next step. It is used for interior as well as exterior walls.

G. Bituminous Paint

The main constituents are coal tar or asphalt bitumen. They get dissolved in naphtha or mineral spirit. Usually, this paint has a black color. If you want colored bituminous paint, then it is possible to add colored pigments. They are resistant to alkaline solutions. Bituminous paint can be used if you need protection from water, weather (for steelwork), underwater structure. It is also used to cover ladders.

H. Epoxy Paint

They are more known as thermosetting resins and their main constituents are epoxies groups. They are used to give a shiny, hard surface after the painting process. Since they do not get damaged easily, you can find them getting used in garages, operation theatres, and pharmaceutical industries. 

I. Anti-Condensation Paint

Do you stay in an area where there is much moisture? These anti-condensation paints can prevent your building from getting damaged. If the home walls capture moisture, then it can lead to mold growth. This paint can prevent mold growth.

J. Luminous Paint

Have you seen the light emitted from luminous bulbs? They glow in the dark because of a component that emits light. Three types come in the luminous paint category.

a) Fluorescent Paint

The main components are resin and fluorescent pigments. It is the pigment which can absorb energy from the blue or violet (spectrum ends) and then emit as per the wavelength.

b) Phosphorescent Paint

The main constituent is phosphorus pigment. The energy gets absorbed in a specific wavelength category. It then gets emitted over another wavelength (longer). 

c) Radioactive ( or self-luminous paint )

It contains radioactive compounds. They get used in signboards, traffic and road signs.

K. Latex Paint

The main components are pigment as well as synthetic resins. Did you remember “rubber” from your school books? You can apply this paint on concrete, wood, and walls.

L. Lead Paint

This is a general category, and you can include any paint that contains lead more than five percent. The metal is present in the form of lead oxide. Do you have more wooden surfaces at home? Then the best option is lead paint.  And the greatest advantage is it is water-resistant and has a nice finish. 

M. Metallic Paint

Yes, you are right. This paint contains many metals such as bronze, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. As the name suggests, this paint can be used for painting the metallic surfaces.

N. Rubber Paint

In this paint, you can find chlorinated rubber as a component. They get used in swimming pools, boats and can withstand water. 

O. Aluminium Paint

This paint is usually used for coating purposes. It is made by combining aluminum pigment and oil varnish. The oil helps the resin to get distributed equally. And when it comes to the aluminium part, they get the shiny, metallic finish. You can use them to paint many types of materials such as masonry, wood, and metals.

P. Textured Paint

It consists of many components in the rough type category. They are leather, lace, metal, and ribbon. This textured paint, along with binder can design the rough pattern effect on the walls. Among the five senses in humans, they cater to two – touch and sight. The textured paint gets used as the alternative to wallpapers. If the wall is imperfect and has scratches, then you can use this paint.

Q. Silicone Paint

This paint is known for its good resistance, durability, and toughness. It does not give in to severe temperature changes. Now can you name the areas it is used? The silicone paint is used for masonry surfaces such as brick and stones. And in the industrial structures? Even in a corrosive environment, this paint can prevent corrosion. 

R. Zinc-Rich Paint

As expected from the title, this paint contains zinc powder or zinc dust. You can find this paint on metallic surfaces or steel to prevent corrosion. 

S. Anti-Corrosive Paint

It contains many constituents such as lead chromate, red lead, and zinc chromate. This paint can prevent corrosion due to salt spray, oxidation or moisture. 

T. Fungicidal Paint

It is a dry paint and prevents the formation of fungi. These properties, they get because of the addition of some pigments (zinc oxide) which can contribute to the properties.


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