What Can Elementor Page Builder for WordPress Do for Your Website Design?

Building a simple website or blog on the WordPress platform is easy. It’s a bit like buying a suit of clothes from a department store. You will have a limited choice of color for the jacket and trousers, which will be an approximate, but not an exact, fit; but you cannot choose the material or influence the design.

Building a WordPress website design or blog to your specific requirements is more difficult, and can be likened to having a suit of clothes bespoke tailored. It will fit you perfectly, and you have full control over what materials are used as well as all the design details.

The challenge:

Unless you know how to use and edit PHP, HTML, and Javascript, which are the programing languages used by WordPress, and know how to write and edit a CSS style sheet, whatever that might be, you have to rely on trial and error to find a theme you like, and all the necessary plugins you need to make your site work without conflicting with each other.

You may even pay a programmer to modify the theme you have chosen, only to find that you have to pay for the modification to be redone when the theme is updated, or compromise on your design choices. That is like buying a suit “off the peg” and then paying the tailor to adjust it so that it fits you better, but it is still not an exact fit.

The solution:

There is a popular tool that enables you to compose the page layout of your WordPress blog or website. It is called Elementor: Page Builder for WordPress. No programing knowledge is required as this tool works visually. The front-end, that is the bit we use, is drag and drop. What could be easier? For those who prefer to work under the hood, the back-end is also fully programmable.

With more than 45 design elements to choose from or use in combination, you have full control over the appearance, size, and offset of your layout as it will appear on any device. That means your blog or website will look great when viewed on a smart phone, tablet computer, full-sized computer screen, or smart TV. What is more, it will be SEO friendly.

Taking your design to the next level:

Elementor: Page Builder for WordPress can help us to design a responsive blog or website that looks great on any device. That, however, is not the complete story. What about the plugins, and how can we avoid any conflict between them? Elementor add-ons take your site to the next level for a solution that is as simple as it is elegant.

It is de rigeure for blogs and websites to be multi-media experiences. All your hard work in building a great looking, responsive, site can easily be undone by the size and positioning of these elements, which are often fixed or difficult to adjust. The solution is to add web design Elementor Pro to the site you built with Elementor Page Builder for WordPress. Now that really is a simple and elegant solution to your website design problems