The Best Battling Blades Sword for Sale

Hurray: The Best Battling Blades Sword for Sale

The Best Battling Blades Sword for Sale: Battling Blades is a famous company that is run by a family of sword makers. They design and sell the best quality swords, axes, and knives. The knives and swords are handmade and the business is being run by the family itself. The legacy has is continued from one family member to the other and no compromise is made for delivering the best quality Bastard sword, Gladius sword, Longsword, Chinese sword, Sabre sword and so on. The family has been manufacturing the swords and knives according to the needs and wants of the Battling Blades customers. With the cut-throat competition in the market, Battling Blades has managed to hold the right place and they all are running the business smoothly. The craftsmanship is awesome and the whole family can say that proudly.

Best Battling Blades Sword
Best Battling Blades Sword

Currently, Battling Blades is giving away the best Bastard sword for almost half price. The sale is on and you can avail great discounts right away. Along with this, Battling Blades is not charging you for shipping. People have a passion for ancient swords and the Battling Blades family aims at keeping the earlier times alive in the form of ancient swords and knives which were used in the battlefields.

Battling Blades manufactures a variety of Bastard

Bastard sword or Longsword: The Longsword or bastard sword is a high carbon Damascus steel sword. This sword is a European sword featuring a cruciform hilt with a straight double-edged blade. The Bastard sword is made from patterned Damascus steel. This steel is hard heated, folded carbon steel. There are 11 pieces of steel folded five times to form 352 layers. The high carbon steel used by Battling Blades team is a 1095 steel which contains the highest content of carbon steel.

This sword for sale is known by two names, Bastard sword or Longsword. The characteristics are discussed in the upcoming paragraph:

The longsword which is also known as Bastard sword was a masterpiece during the late medieval and Renaissance period. These swords were used until the late 17th century. This sword got its name as Bastard sword after the late medieval and Renaissance period.

Furthermore, to be called as a longsword, the sword has to have a length between 37 inches. The one available at $169.99 is a 37 inches sword. Proper flexibility is given to the sword to make it unbreakable and to increase the flexibility; clay tempering is used to soften the steel. This process of clay tempering keeps the bastard sword strong. A leather sheath is given to the sword and it is a full tang sword that will be liked by all the customers.

The handle of the sword is made up of wood along with Damascus steel bolsters, the Rockwell hardness is of 56 to 58 HRC. The finest material is used in the making of longsword or Bastard sword.

The offer is great as people can buy the Bastard sword at a reasonable price. As mentioned earlier, shipping is free for the customers at the moment so hurry and grab the best deal.

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