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Consider These Features While Buying the Best Weightlifting Belt

So you are a powerlifter and looking for a weight belt to work out efficiently. Weight lifting belts are the most crucial accessory to use during workout sessions to keep your spinal cord in the correct position. While doing deadlifts for powerlifting, extreme pressure exerts on our spinal cord. If adequate support is not provided, spine displacement issues may occur. Also, these belts are helpful in stabilizing the pressure on your abdominal area. However, the biggest challenge is figuring out the most feasible belt. You will find numerous brands and models in the market with a fancy look but the most important thing to consider is the technical aspect. We will provide some important information to help you in choosing the best weight lifting belt. 

Tips to Choose a Weightlifting Belt

Before choosing a belt for weight lifting, you need to understand that it has three different types including:-

  • Strength tier
  • Cardio tier
  • Supportive tier

When you visit a fitness accessories Store, they can guide you with complete information about the uses. Here we will mention some important tips while choosing your weight belt.

  • Adequate abs support

Weight belts are of course meant for providing support to your spinal cord. However, maintaining abdominal pressure is more important if you want back support. A perfectly designed belt can handle abdominal pressure that cushions and support your spine in the best possible way. It will allow you to workout efficiently while handling the stress implied on your backbone. 

  • Correct thickness

Remember that the weight lifting belts are available in different thicknesses. Try them out in the store to figure out which one is comfortable according to your body. The standard thickness levels of weight belt are divided into three categories i.e. 6.5 mm, 10 mm and 13mm. 

  • Material type

It is advisable to buy a leather belt because it has high durability, strength and longer lifespan. Leather weightlifting belts can support your spinal cord better than nylon material belts that are currently becoming viral. 

  • Buckle type

Best weight lifting belts are available in two types of buckles including prong and lever. Don’t go with the option of velcro because it cannot hold adequate strength to provide support while lifting heavy weight. 

Consider these important tips whenever you visit a store for buying weight lifting belts. While ordering online, make sure that they have return and replacement option in case of dissatisfaction with quality or design.