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How to Host a Skype Movie Party with Your Friends?

Looking to host a party and planning to spend quality time with family or friends who are far away. Skype movie party is considerably the perfect way to keep in touch with loved ones. You can throw or host the party just by creating a simple Skype account and navigating or setting up a group call. In this piece of content, we will describe you simple process of hosting the party with friends which helps you enjoy the moments with long-distance buddies. In case you need guidance from experts, call Skype customer service for instant help. 

Creating a Skype Account 

Creating a Skype account is cakewalk process and its set up and installation is completely free of cost. However, you just need to download the latest version of the software and install it by following on-screen instructions. After that, create a Skype id by filling the signup form. 

Invite your Friends

After creating the id on Skype, it’s time to invite your friends. You can easily connect with the almost 9 friends in a single group call, but it is suggested to keep them 5 for better quality Skype experience. 

Ensure that all your friends have a Skype account

Before making or adding friends in a group call, make sure that all of your buddies are on Skype or have Skype installed on their device. In case they don’t have one, ask them to join and connect with the movie party. 

Decide the Suitable Time when all friends are

Contact all the friends and decide the suitable time which works best for all. Moreover, make sure to set the time of the party when the internet connection is working properly. As Skype works on internet and sluggish internet connection can hamper the party experience. 

Start a movie group

After completing the above-mentioned process, it’s time to start the movie group call. However, the function of starting a group call may differ in Mac and Windows, Hence keep a steady eye on the steps given below: 

Mac users

Tap on the File icon of the menu and select the New Conversation.

Now add the friends to the conversation. You can give the name to the conversation and call it “Movie Party or Party with friends”

Windows users

Navigate to the contact menu and tap on Create new group. Add contacts from the menu or the type the name of contacts in the search bar. 

Give it a name and call whatever you want. 

After following above given steps, you will be able to start and enjoy the movie party on Skype with your companions. In case you face any issues during the process, dial the Skype technical support number.   

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